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Who Is This Ron Reed Guy Anyway?

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Ron Reed


Ron Reed, born October 18, 1980, is an American entrepreneur, publisher, and professional consultant in the real estate and internet marketing industries. He is an avid member of the real estate community and founder of the “Realtorizer Method”, an online marketing empire providing real estate advice to REALTORS nationwide. Within the community he is often referred to as, and has achieved status akin to, a guru.



Ron entered the entrepreneurial world in 2001 by reading Napoleon Hill’s much acclaimed book “Think and Grow Rich”. After reading “Think and Grow Rich” he picked up another American self-help and personal development classic, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. It was at that time Ron was bit by the “entrepreneurial bug”.


At the prime age of 21 years old, Ron took an adventure of his life by moving from a little town in the backwoods of Wisconsin to the big cities of Central Florida. With less than $1000 bucks in his pocket (with no car, no apartment and no job)… he jumped on a plane and flew to an unknown territory! The success which followed was extraordinary.


In 2002, Ron became an instrumental member of the Dale Carnegie Association’s Central Florida Chapter with his contagious enthusiasm. After completing the Dale Carnegie Course, Ron was asked to return as a Graduate Assistant to help others transform their lives just as he had. His testimonials were monumental.


Ron explains this time in his life as “a distinct method of becoming one’s self”.


“I didn’t take the journey to find myself… I took the journey to create myself.”  – Ron Reed


And he did just that.


Shortly after 2003, Ron returned to Wisconsin to conquer new territories. Armed with his newly created sales and marketing abilities he ventured into the real estate industry. At first, Ron took a position within Wisconsin’s largest real estate firm, First Weber Group, as an Internet Referral Representative. While honing his real estate and internet skills, and absorbing new connections; Ron quickly learned the inside workings of a successful real estate brokerage.


In 2006, he took a leap of faith and entered the world as a professional real estate consultant. While the rest of the real estate market was slowly realizing a Buyer’s Market, Ron excelled as warp-speeds. In January 2007, within his first six months he became a member of First Weber Group’s President Club. Of over 1400 agents he was member of the top 25 in his first 6th months!


Later in 2007, while the real estate market was experiencing a steady decline, Ron started his year by becoming one of the nation’s semi-finalist in Season V of the Real Estate Apprentice Foundation for extraordinary performance.


If that wasn’t enough, in August of 2007, while the real estate market experienced its hardest decline in history, Ron was realizing his dream. He was announced the “2007 Realtor on the Rise” as published in RIS Media’s National Real Estate Magazine for his elite sales and marketing performance.


But, Ron wasn’t done yet. To close out 2007 with a bang, Ron was titled “Rookie of the Year” by closing 32 transactions in less than 12 months of his first full year in real estate. A feat only completed by the “Best of the BEST” within the real estate industry. 


Until then, Ron remained unaffected by the rapid decline in the real estate markets. However, he saw the slowing opportunity and decreased sales just as plain as everyone else. The writing was on the wall. 


A new direction emerges


It was then that Ron Reed founded Suffix Marketing Group, LLC, an online publishing empire specializing in top-gun sales and marketing training for the Internet and Real Estate industries.


Motivated to conquer new skills and develop new abilities, he formed the basis of what is known today as Ron Reed’s Realtorizer Method, a top-gun real estate training program focused on helping real estate agents become superstars..







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January 6th, 2009 at 11:16 pm