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I love Apple!

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Ok, I’ll admit… I love Apple!

Their products are consistently superior, and in the last few decades with Steve Jobs at the helm, they are truly innovative.

I’ve had the iPad 2 for the last few months now and I must say I love it! Definitely the most impressive piece of technology I’ve ever owned.

I admire their passion for advancing technology and masterful understanding of the marketplace. It’s impressive and educational to watch one of their product launches. From speculation and rumors to launch day keynote presentations and massive demand, I find their company engaging and exciting.

And, apparently, I’m not alone!

This is a photo taken from a university lecture hall… It appears nearly ALL the computers used by students are Apples except the one circled. Now, THAT is market dominance!


In today’s world, things are progressing faster than ever. With the introduction of mobile, technology has been embraced by millions and millions of more people across the world. I remember the day Steve Jobs came out onto the stage at the Apple iPad launch and said the following:

Apple CEO, Steve Jobs today announced the highly anticipated iPad and told the crowed that the company is now a $50 Billion a year company — the majority of it being from sales of mobile devices including iPod, iPhone, and laptops. Now with the introduction of iPad, Jobs calls apple a mobile device company: “Apple is a mobile devices company. This is what we do.” Jobs says Apple is the number one mobile devices company in the world.

This is a bold step. Apple has always been known as a computer company before this point. But now, they are advancing into a new category – Mobile.

And, this decision is a smart one. For example, look at the photo below. This is a collection of devices I use on a daily basis. Notice has each of them is a MOBILE device. For someone like me who is on the move at all times, it’s important that I have access to an exorbitant amount of information at my fingertips and FAST. With these devices I have all that and much more!

A personal collection of Apple Products

Being a marketer, one of the things I admire the most about Apple are their product launches and marketing campaigns. The way they structure the buying process is extremely well planned out and crafted down to a science. The consumer buzz and demand they create for their products is purely hypnotic. There is a lot to be learned. If you’re a marketer, then I suggest you intensely follow Apple’s next product launch.

*INSIDER SECRET* = Apple is set to launch into the television industry soon. If/when this happens, you will want to have a front row seat to their marketing funnel. It will revolution the way we watch and interact with our TV’s. The way they went into the phone industry with the iPhone was strategically timed, and I believe they are now primed to venture into the TV industry.

Although I love Apple, I must admit I also have slight angst towards the company. You see, I find Apple to be a “closed-garden” company. I feel they only serve to themselves while blocking the competition at the expense of the consumer. The compatibility issues they have with other technologies (ie. Flash, etc.) is frustrating at times.

That’s why I also use a PC…


As you can see from the photo, I also have a dual-monitored desktop PC. This one isn’t a mobile device, but in the past has always served as the “mothership”. I’ve always found the PC to be a major part of my computer knowledge base and something I prefer in certain situations (ie. writing code, etc.)

Secret Tip: After adding a second monitor (aka Dual-Monitor) to my computer, I immediately noticed a 30% increase in my production. This means, I would get done in 7 hours what would normally take over 10 hours. For some projects (ie. writing code and using multiple software platforms, etc.), I noticed a 40%+ increase in productivity and speed! In the end, if I work 2000 hours per year then I would be able to leverage almost 4 months or 600 hours of work. Imagine what you could do if you have 4 more months in a year! Those are real numbers. Go get yourself a dual-monitor.

I hope this serves you well. Please leave comment below to share your thoughts.

Written by Ron Reed

August 6th, 2011 at 3:04 pm